Great opportunity!!

           Personalized Instruction
We teach on the job and by example. We use tools, timing and techniques learned from experience that give good results for land owners. These are successful techniques for people seeking careers in this area of Non Hazardous Applications. You will learn to manage the land and the plants more effectively and safely, using Nature's food chain to remove some pests, improve soils and more …


Excellence and Professionalism      
John started the business in 1996, serving Colorado’s Western Slope as a Holistic Weed Manager through several Cost Share County Programs and diverse clients. The list of needs have included Pests and Weed Controls, Pasture Reclamation, Soil Amending, Pond algae digestion with Microbes and more… 

        Learn from a Professional!

ALPHA Natural Consulting LLC has “on the job training”. We consult with the Client(s) and decide on the best combined services. We may combine a soil softener, fertilizer, pest control, weed control or more in one wet or dry application. When we are working with you and your clients, and we finish the “Consulting by Example”, you will pay ALPHA a percentage for the instruction.  You will and have that knowledge for your next like job, where you keep all those earnings. You will learn to set up your business legally, with no territories or bosses.